Interview with Bhavani Prakash

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Bhavani Prakash - At Community Garden

We interviewed Bhavani Prakash for the tip on Start Food Composting, here’s the full interview:

Why did you start composting your food waste? Who taught you?

We do a lot of cooking at home, and we go through a lot of veggies and fruits in a day. I didn’t want all the veggie and fruit peel waste to go down the chute in a plastic bag and get to the incinerator. I had seen organic farmers compost their biomass waste in farms, but really wanted to find a way to do it in an apartment using a closed container.

I stumbled upon an article in a magazine called Lapis Lazuli, where a permaculture friend of mine, Melissa Ong had translated an article in Mandarin on home composting. I followed the concept, researched it a bit more, and made adjustments through trial and error and have been successfully composting since then. Read more