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Pledge to Save Food Cut Waste in Singapore

I understand the environmental and social impacts of food waste, and believe that we should not waste food. I pledge to reduce food waste in Singapore by adopting one or more of these tips:
- Learn About Food Sources
- Grow Your Own Food
- Plan What To Buy
- Store And Handle Food Properly
- Cook And Order Just Enough
- Cook Your Leftover Food
- Start Food Composting
- Make Garbage Enzyme

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702Fun SumApr 29, 2017
701Esther ChanApr 29, 2017
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693darryl tan ITE (CW)Apr 29, 2017
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683Cook ElrayApr 27, 2017
682Joysalyn LohApr 27, 2017
681Loh Lian Wah Apr 27, 2017
680Nah Jin Zhi (ITE CW)Apr 27, 2017
679Anizashaha ShaharudinApr 27, 2017
678Nurulain Abdul azizApr 27, 2017
677Wanie KileiApr 27, 2017
676Chacha RahimApr 27, 2017
675Nisa RahimApr 27, 2017
674Nur Raudhah Bte RahimApr 27, 2017
673Suzianawati HasnenApr 27, 2017
672Ai daApr 27, 2017
671Raihanah JohariApr 27, 2017
670SITI AISYAHApr 27, 2017
669Imrab SallehApr 27, 2017
668NOOR SYAKIRAHApr 27, 2017
667Siti Sofia ITECWApr 26, 2017
666Muhammad Nur Alif B Jumain ITE CWApr 26, 2017
665Muhammad Hariz RafnyeApr 26, 2017
664Joanne chee ITE CWApr 26, 2017
663Nur SabirahApr 26, 2017
662Joanne CheeApr 26, 2017
661Hazimah RafnyeApr 26, 2017
660Lenny HerminApr 26, 2017
659Adam HanApr 26, 2017
658Jessica TanApr 26, 2017
657Herdyka Hamka Md HoripApr 26, 2017
656Joshua EikiApr 26, 2017
655Nurul NabilahApr 26, 2017
654Wei Ann TianApr 26, 2017
653Timothy KohApr 26, 2017


For Businesses and Organisations

If your business, organisation or group wish to pledge to Save Food Cut Waste in Singapore, contact us to list your name here.

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4 Responses to “Sign the Pledge”
  1. Mary Rose says:

    I think what you guys are doing is a great thing. People really don’t realize how much food we waste and discard on a daily basis. It’s amazing to think that Singapore alone wastes that much food, that’s just one country out of all of the many on this planet!

  2. Coby says:

    Glad I can be part of it! It’s about time that we focus on reducing food waste. From food production to food waste, lots of resources (i.e., land, water, fuel, etc) go into putting our food on the table. I hope people recognize the need to focus on using what we NEED (EAT).

  3. Lisa says:

    Besides doing our part for the environment, we are also saving our pockets. Wasting foods = wasting money. Plan and buy whatever we need. Keep track of the food inventory. Don’t fall into the temptation of attractive offers. If we don’t need the item, don’t buy. If we don’t need that much, buy in small quantity. Try the sample or buy in small size if we do not know how good the product is. Understand family’s eating traits. Cook right quantity.

    Just sharing from my experience. Thanks for giving us a platform to learn more about food saving :)

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