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Pledge to Save Food Cut Waste in Singapore

I understand the environmental and social impacts of food waste, and believe that we should not waste food. I pledge to reduce food waste in Singapore by adopting one or more of these tips:
- Learn About Food Sources
- Grow Your Own Food
- Plan What To Buy
- Store And Handle Food Properly
- Cook And Order Just Enough
- Cook Your Leftover Food
- Start Food Composting
- Make Garbage Enzyme

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1,391Kai Ting WongSep 10, 2017
1,390Wei Wei TienSep 04, 2017
1,389Chien Chuen WeeJul 12, 2017
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1,387Cherlin AngJul 12, 2017
1,386Koh Jia XuanJul 12, 2017
1,385Gary ChewJul 12, 2017
1,384Dannish KJul 12, 2017
1,383Joel TanJul 12, 2017
1,382Jasmin OhJul 12, 2017
1,381Karen ChinJul 12, 2017
1,380Guoyuan WeeJul 12, 2017
1,379Trixie ChanJul 12, 2017
1,378Malvin ChanJul 12, 2017
1,377Jemima LeeJul 06, 2017
1,376Roy WooJun 22, 2017
1,375Vincent Oon ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,374Khor Eik Fun ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,373Asyraf ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,372Darrel ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,371Ryan Sim ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,370Bryan Tan ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,369Gladys Lin ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,368Izzat ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,367Donen ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,366Aidil ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,365Zul Amacam ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,364Amirul ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,363Iqbal ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,362Meng Siong ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,361Kwai Seng ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,360Nafisa ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,359Rasafah ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,358Joel Chan ITE CWJun 22, 2017
1,357Regina WongJun 22, 2017
1,356James WongJun 22, 2017
1,355Wong Yea SienJun 22, 2017
1,354Daniel DavidJun 22, 2017
1,353Caleb LiJun 22, 2017
1,352Adabel LimJun 22, 2017
1,351Hazel HoJun 22, 2017
1,350Alex WooJun 22, 2017
1,349Eric LohJun 22, 2017
1,348Thio Lay HongJun 22, 2017
1,347George BalonggayJun 16, 2017
1,346Leah FellstadJun 12, 2017
1,345shweta subramaniamJun 11, 2017
1,344Puok Yuee TanJun 10, 2017
1,343Sim Hong Cheng ITE CWJun 09, 2017
1,342Francis Anthony SavarimuthuJun 09, 2017


For Businesses and Organisations

If your business, organisation or group wish to pledge to Save Food Cut Waste in Singapore, contact us to list your name here.

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4 Responses to “Sign the Pledge”
  1. Mary Rose says:

    I think what you guys are doing is a great thing. People really don’t realize how much food we waste and discard on a daily basis. It’s amazing to think that Singapore alone wastes that much food, that’s just one country out of all of the many on this planet!

  2. Coby says:

    Glad I can be part of it! It’s about time that we focus on reducing food waste. From food production to food waste, lots of resources (i.e., land, water, fuel, etc) go into putting our food on the table. I hope people recognize the need to focus on using what we NEED (EAT).

  3. Lisa says:

    Besides doing our part for the environment, we are also saving our pockets. Wasting foods = wasting money. Plan and buy whatever we need. Keep track of the food inventory. Don’t fall into the temptation of attractive offers. If we don’t need the item, don’t buy. If we don’t need that much, buy in small quantity. Try the sample or buy in small size if we do not know how good the product is. Understand family’s eating traits. Cook right quantity.

    Just sharing from my experience. Thanks for giving us a platform to learn more about food saving :)

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