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Every business or organisation can play a part to reduce, redistribute or recycle food waste in your food outlets, retail stores, and workplace. Simply follow the tips below and start reducing food waste!

The tips help companies and organisations to take action along our food cycle:

  • Grow and Buy – Food production, distribution and purchasing
  • Cook and Eat – Food preparation and consumption
  • Give and Recycle – Food disposal, redistribution and recycling

Grow and Buy

Support Local Food

Implement Proper Food Management Policies

Accept Cosmetically Imperfect Food

Improve Distribution and Storage

Cook and Eat

Have Menus With Smaller Portions

Ensure Proper Storage And Refrigeration

Improve Cooking Habits And Methods

Give and Recycle

Sell Unsold Food At Discounts

Give To Food Bank And Charities

Start Food Composting

Install Food Digestion System

Explore Innovative Recycling Technologies


2 Responses to “Businesses”
  1. Angeline Ang says:

    Dear Sir/ M’am,

    I am from South West Community Development Council and am currently holding the Environment portfolio. I think what you’re doing here at Save Food Cut Waste is amazing and it’s also something that I personally believe in. I would like to help spread the word further to the community and if you would be agreeable to meet, we could brainstorm some ideas on how to better share this message with the ground.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me :) hope to hear from you soon!



  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    if i have some expiring cartons(about a month to expiry)of processed fruits in cups/sealed containers, do we have a chance to be part of this movement?

    You can whatsapp or call me at 93374127

    Tay KH
    Operations Exec

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